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Technical Requirements

We have the platform. You bring the setup.


Technical Requirements for Teaching


Desktop, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, or Microsoft Surface. We currently do not support Chromebook.


Fast and stable internet connection will make a smooth teaching and learning experience. We recommend a wired high-speed internet connection of ≥ 25 Mb/s.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 and 10; Mac OS 10.X or higher operating system (Linux and Chrome OS are NOT supported by VIPKid). Intel i5 processor or higher. 8GB RAM or higher.

VIPKid Teach App

Virtual stickers, animations, sound effects, anything you need to make the world a fun place from your fingertips.


Recommendations to Your Classroom

HD Webcam

A camera with a resolution of at least 2 megapixels is considered high-quality and well-functioning. Simply put, the better camera, the more clearly students can see you.


Parents and students love a professional and educational background. Having a bright and fun backdrop can attract and engage young students. We love vibrant colors, especially our orange, Teacher Tangerine.

Headset, with a Microphone

A comfortable noise-cancelling headset will make your teaching more enjoyable. A nice crisp sound will help students hear you better as well. Remember, for the most part, they try to repeat after you.


Get that spotlight ready! Bright, happy spaces lead to bright, happy learners. We recommend a full-size selfie ring or clip-on selfie rings to eliminate shadows on your face.

Ready to teach with FSU?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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