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How to get a job in blockchain - giving back through supply chain!

Brian Kanda of FloraChain shares how blockchain can help retailers to cut out middlemen and change the supply chain game. FloraChain is giving back to society more broadly by reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain, giving back to those who actually produce and sell products we love.

Key takeaways:

-FloraChain can reduce cost of goods by up to 60% through supply chain middle-man production.

-FloraChain illustrates the ideal social contribution of blockchain through giving back to the people and farmers at the bottom of the supply chain, as it streamlines the process, thusly creating more margins across the board.

-Streamlining supply chain creates a "pull vs push" in supply chain management through reduction of stagnant processes.

-"Just because things have been done a certain way, doesn't mean it has to be done the same way in the future. Technology is allowing change of the status quo". - Brian Kanda