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Coming Up; How to become a growth hacker

Check out some life and growth hacking skills from Alfredo Diaz, a 20 year old entrepreneur who's going full throttle towards his career dreams in technology.

Key takeways:

- Do deep research every day to expand your understanding. Dig deep! Find pleasure in discovering insights that others don't see at the surface. You have so many tools like Google for starters. Get it!

- Growth hacking is simply finding a better, more direct way along your journey to your goal(s).

- Stay on top of technology news so you can be aptly informed to make changes in your career or business.

- Test test test. Throw up a website to get feedback from people on an idea or new brand ID you have. Make it 'real'.

- Create and track your own milestones. Never wait for your school or company to tell you what to do.