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Become a social media master; Strategy and tactics

I’m incredibly pleased and fortunate to introduce Brett Hutton, an insightful leader and someone from whom we can learn some awesome business strategy, as well life tips.

On that note, Future State exists because we believe society should be prepared to make a shift from the wannabe celebrities to following the people who are tracking the future, and changing our society for the better. This fundamental shift in our thought process will wake us up and lift us up.

Here are the show notes and key takeaways:

  • Brett meditates daily, to get focused for the day, like many great entrepreneurs. We’ll have another episode on this subject.

  • Have a mission statement. Like a business, have a family or personal mission statement. Elon Musk’s mission statement is; ‘Make humans a multiplanetary race’. LinkedIn’s has nailed it with “to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”. At Future State; “We seek to reimagine the face of education to prepare people for the upcoming changes in an ever technologically growing world”.

  • “You don’t need a super fancy mission statement, says Brett