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Liu Tao strongly recommends

FSU carefully selects good foreign teachers in North America to make the children's accent more pure, to encourage more self-confidence in the way the children like, to focus on growth at all times, to learn more and have more, so that the world has no boundaries

Pure North American high-quality foreign teachers

Love children, understand education, let children have more choices, stimulate children's desire to explore, create personalized learning, let children fall in love with English

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FSU focuses on high-tech education for young adults aged 15-18


Students from all over the country and region


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Pure North American Forein teachers


Quality teacher

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Young Women with Backpacks

Selected 70,000 good foreign teachers in North America

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Students from all over the country and region

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Students from all over the country and region

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Students from all over the country and region

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Students from all over the country and region

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Students from all over the country and region

AI Empowerment 

Establish a personalized learning path through big data and artificial intelligence

Nebula System

Highly reliable, low-latency network system, covering 35 countries around the world, establishing central transmission nodes in 55 cities in 16 countries

Security protection system

To ensure data security and operational security, FSU is an online education company that has passed ISO information security management system certification

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After payment, each student will sign a course service agreement with FSU, and we guarantee the service level to the students

Teacher commitment

FSU always adheres to the teaching concept of "pure North American foreign teachers", we guarantee the high quality of foreign teachers

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